"They're Doggone Good!℠"

While our name says "Hot Dogs", and while we do offer both high quality all beef and polish hot dogs, our passion is sausages. We make our own sausages from scratch - chicken sausages, that is.

That's right, chicken sausages! We've found that our chicken sausages are even more popular than our regular pork and beef versions (we do make a few of those). Maybe that's because they're only about 120 calories each - and only 3.5 grams of fat per link - compare that to a standard 20-30 grams of fat for most sausages and large hot dogs. While they're made from chicken, you can't tell 'em from the originals - we've had visitors and transplants from Wisconsin and Germany tell us that they haven't had as good a Sheboygan style or Beer Bratwurst since they left home!

We've had such a demand for our chicken sausages that we are now selling bulk packages of them at some festivals, with repeat customers coming back year after year wanting their sausages once again. We've even had a request for 1/2 ton (that's right, 1,000 pounds) of our italian sausage for use at a baseball stadium for sale from their concessions stands!

Some of our available gourmet sausages, all made by hand:

Chicken Sausages:
• Bratwurst (Sheboygan, German, Beer, & Jalapeño Styles) • Fresh Basil & Parmesan • Italian (Hot & Mild) • Cajun • Mesquite •
• Apple, Sage & Onion • Toasted Garlic, Herb & Sun-Dried Tomato • Garlic-Herb • Chipotlé Chorizo • Polska Kielbasa •
• Fresh Garlic, Herb, Cracked Black Pepper & Feta Cheese • Firecracker (Jalapeño, Habenero, & Crushed Red Pepper) •

Pork & Beef Sausages:
• Bratwurst • Italian (Hot, Sweet, & Mild) • Polish • Polska Kielbasa (Smoked & Fresh) • Octoberfest •